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Windhorse Warrior
Feb. 18, 2020
R C Friedericks
Fiction: General/Other
Windhorse Warrior is an account of the struggles and aspirations of Tibetan people during 1950s. Weaving together the politics of occupation and resistance, author RC Friedericks, also enunciates an other-worldly romance between a Chinese communist and an educated Tibetan woman.Chuang Wei Ming, a young zealot from Shanghai, visits Lithang - on the eastern Tibetan plateau with the mission to make residents of Lithang aware of Maoism, a communist idea created by the Chinese man Mao Zedong who believed that peasants, not factory workers, should lead the communist revolution, but eventually changes its limiting worldview. The beautiful and intelligent Dechen, with whom Chuang falls in love, introduces him to the richness of Tibetan Buddhism. With the dream of creating an enlightened society, they both pursue together a pure communism infused with Buddhist teachings.

The author puts forward a message which is true today in the global context of oppression and disparity, fake news and injustice. The book is dedicated to all who dream of a more just and beautiful world.

About the author:
Having grown up in China, India, and Nepal, author RC Friedericks has a lifelong interest in the plight of the Tibetan people began when refugees, streaming out of Tibet in the early 1960s, came for treatment at the hospital. He attended university in USA, followed by film school in London. After a varied career, from media producer in Nepal to high school teacher in Hong Kong, he is now retired and lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of USA.
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‘Niyogi Books never fails to impress their readers through their exceptional literary masterpieces. Continuing this chain, they have presented another remarkable story of a Windhorse Warrior by RC Friedericks. The book features a Chinese man Chuang Wei Ming as he treads the path of finding his objectives and in the process is drawn closer to Buddhism, the legendary King Gesar and his self-awakening. The story takes its readers to the Central Asia in the year 1947 at Shanghai, China.’

Book Review

‘Friedericks has spun a tale that gripped me firmly in the magic of the oral tradition. I am amazed at this glimpse of a world so exotic to us. I enjoyed the rugged dirt and rockhard outcroppings of reality as contrasted by the ethereal traditions and mysteries of an ancient yet ongoing civilization'.

Richard Jesse Watson, an English author, lecturer and futurist known for his book in 2007 Future Flies : A Brief History of The Next 50 Years.
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