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Diversionary Fires
Jan. 20, 2020
Rodney Ross
Fiction: General/Other
Tara Atwater holds the right combination of numbers to the record-breaking state lottery. But what to do about the boyfriend, stabbed to death, on the kitchen floor? It was, after all, his ticket. A diversionary fire might be the answer. Left in her grandparents’ care as her reckless mother worked the Ohio carnival circuit, Tara learned about sleight-of-hand flame, purposely created to distract from something far bigger, at age nine. As decades flicker past, the diversionary fire is a strange art that will touch her and those she loves. From the most marginal of means to unimagined wealth, Tara learns that good luck and bad luck, no matter how grand the pyrotechnics or dense the inferno, can look a lot alike.
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