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Utah 238
Jan. 20, 2020
Rick Stinchfield
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Something very bad is happening on a ranch in central Utah. First, the irrigation system on the Heber family ranch is sabotaged; soil samples appear to have been taken; then holes are found from someone stealing cacti. And on top of all that, eleven-year-old Charlie Heber is kidnapped. The presence of a massive uranium ore body on the ranch (unbeknownst to the Hebers) has attracted the attention of two very rich and ruthless men, one from Holland, the other from Mexico. The two have known each other for years by virtue of their love of rare cacti, frequently collected illegally. Neither is bound by any kind of constraint, including criminal bonds.
Mira Perrizo
Word Link Literary
phone: 7205304385
P.O. Box 395, Enola, PA 17025
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