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Jan. 29, 2020
Lawrence G. Lambros
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
A joint research project is being carried out by three government agencies in a secure mountain bunker and at a space experimental station in Denver to determine if solid hydrogen can be safely used as a fuel to replace the depletion of fossil fuels around the world subsequent to a number of large earthquakes that occurred in 2012 and to determine if heretofore undetected energy particles emitted by sun storms when merging with sound waves and received by modern cell phone technology is causing the disturbing rise in brain cancer.

A terrorist effort to destroy the bunker is thwarted by Lenny Lemke who is living two lives, one as a Homeland security agent on the bunker crew and the other as an undercover agent in the Denver Islamic sleeper cell as Abu Mustapha a Pakistani radical.

Lenny, John Quincy, a science consultant and Alan Haynes and FBI agent find themselves working together to monitor the sleeper cell and avert Simultaneous terrorist attacks in New York and Washington DC.

While John and coworker Lena are having a passionate relationship Lenny and Alan are learning the inside workings of the terror cell which leads them to discover that a woman in a burqa who attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the local church may be the terrorist leader. A trip to the Bahamas, Somalia, Germany, and New York City leads them and her to the same destination on Presidents' Day.

Finally, hundreds of thousands of oppressed women surround the palace of the leader of a rogue Middle Eastern country to demand he step down.
Mia Tyler
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