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Chasing the Devil (Drake Stevens Series)
Jan. 13, 2020
Gary P Laird
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Drake promised he would not stop until he squeezed the breath out of the evil that changed his life forever. Monsters hiding in the shadows and every low-life den in the city. Waiting for their helpless prey. Unable to protect themselves. Then at the right moment, they strike a human life.

He trained hard for the moment he would put an end to it; He'd take a life. A life caring nothing of another living soul. A life that isn't worth the space it takes up or the breath it breathes. He doesn't care anymore. To hell with due process. To hell with justice. He was ready to give his kind.

There is an evil force that enters various humans, either early in life or later, but it happens just the same. Not to all mind you. An evil that drives them mad, wanting to destroy others to make them feel their pain. Thing is, this evil can be living right next store.
Mia Tyler
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