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We are of Extraterrestrial Origin (Somos de Origen Extraterrestre)
Jan. 13, 2020
Carlos Alfonso Ramirez
Non-fiction: General/Other
This book is based on The Sumerian Records told by God Enki to Enduksar and how the Jews copied it at their convenience in the Bible creating the puzzle of human Genesis.

It all started when 27,290 Jews were imprisoned in Nineveh the ancient capital of Assyria. It was in the Battle of Lachish in 701 BC. That Judah became a vassal state of the Assyrians and as such Acaz was required to pay tribute and was forced to raise an altar to the Assyrian gods in the Temple of Jerusalem. The prophet Isaiah attacked the sacrilege and warned the Jews of the dangers of this lack of faith. The successor of Ahaz, Exequias (715 to 687 BC) took note of the prophet's notices and introduced many reforms that sought to establish the purity of the Jewish religion, but also sought to free Judah from the yoke of the Assyrians. In the Battle of Lachish, the kingdom of Judah felt the full force of the Assyrian invading army of King Sennacherib. Many Jews were killed, but most were taken prisoner. Somehow finding themselves imprisoned there, the Jews had access to the Sumerian Records that were in the Library of King Azurbanipal of Assyria and these contained the engravings of God Enki to Enduksar, called Sumerian Records. In these engravings God Enki tells us, how and why they, the Anunnaki came to Earth from another planet called Nibiru. How and why they created humans by genetic manipulation of the Neanderthal man. How and why did Enki think about having sex with two maidens of the Cro-Magnon, being born the first two hybrid humans that interrupted the evolution called Adapa and Tití. How and why did the flood occurred. How and why did they tell their time on Earth in shars after their arrival. A shar was equivalent to 3,600 Earth years. This was equivalent to the time when his planet Nibiru orbited its sun in an oval shape. How and why in shar 123 since their arrival on Earth they changed their method of measuring time in Earth years. How and why in the year 1,736 of his new way of measuring time on his calendar or 2,024 B.C. they had a war with nuclear weapons between them, the Anunnaki gods for the power and supremacy of the Earth that swept away in an instant with the first civilization of humanity called Sumerians. Faced with this desolation picture found by the Jews in the Sumerian Records, they came up with the wonderful idea of replacing the Sumerians with the Israelites, replacing God Enki and his brother Enlil with Yahweh or Jehovah, replacing the Sumerian Records left by Enki to Enduksar with The Bible and Moses and replace the Anunnaki calendar changed in Shar 123 since his arrival on our planet Earth with the Hebrew calendar. Both calendars have 5,779 years of existence, but do not coincide in the facts. Adam was born in the Hebrew calendar on the first day, but not in the Anunnaki calendar since Adam was born in the middle of Shar 93 or 108,400 BC, or 104,640 years before the first day of his calendar of earth years. In the year 1656 of that same Hebrew calendar the flood occurred and in that of the Sumerians 11,000 BC occurred. in shar 120 or 7,240 years before the Hebrew calendar. According to the Hebrews Abram was born in 1948 of that calendar, but for the Anunnaki he was alive in 1,736 of that same calendar, that is 212 years before he was alive before he was born in the War of the Gods. Who do we believe? Obviously to the one who first expressed it. And this was undoubtedly Enki through Enduksar or the Anunnaki through the Sumerians.
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