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Don’t Leave It All to the Teachers
Jan. 13, 2020
Dr. Dean Alleyne
Non-fiction: Parenting
The book stems from thirty-two in education. It aims to take parents into the child’s learning environment without the stress which some parents have of schools and teachers and to show them some key aspects of schooling which can have a lasting effect on childre’s education and life cha set out to nces. I do not intend to lecture to parents on how they oughgt to bring up their children. Instead, I merely set out to provide them with some of the tools with which to enhance their children’s chances of success at school: a kind of ‘tool-kit’. It is not meant to be a blueprint to success but an aid to success. It is written in a style and language to make it easily accessible to parents across all ethnic communities and each chapter ends with a list of useful suggestions.
Mia Tyler
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