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She is Not Lost
Jan. 13, 2020
Ashleigh Stewart
Non-fiction: Memoir
In an era when backpackers are flooding social media with rose-colored selfies, UAE culture editor and Christchurch native, Ashleigh Stewart, takes readers behind the lens in this warts-and-all story of how modern backpacking actually is. Peppered with wit and sarcasm, Ashleigh’s literary debut unpacks an astonishing true tale of self-discovery and the ugliness of feeling lost in life. Her experiences as an exchange student in Japan and budding young journalist in New Zealand are woven into an authentic account of hitch-hiking her way across Eastern Europe, leaving behind a new job and boyfriend to find herself in the trenches of international backpacking. Ashleigh never bargains for the bizarre and sometimes terrifying situations she repeatedly encounters—from sexual assault and death-defying climbs, to standing at the center of a global catastrophe; from nights in jail and polluted icy plunges, to midnight walks with a canine mafia. Ashleigh’s memoir provides a jaw-dropping portrayal of the harrowing and wildly entertaining journey that changed her life forever. Moreover, it also paints a portrait of human kindness and generosity while probing the depths of loss, humanitarianism, friendship, family, and ultimately love.
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Ashleigh Stewart studied journalism at the University of Canterbury. She cut her teeth as a breaking news reporter in New Zealand before transitioning to her present position as Culture Editor for The National in Abu Dhabi. She’s covered numerous feature stories, winning several national and Australasian awards. She’s been nominated for Feature Writer of the Year and Reporter of the Year in New Zealand, and her freelance writing has appeared in publications around the world. @Ash_Stewart_
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