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When America Was Great Again: Dr. Dickerson, His Dissertation, and God
June 12, 2020
Leon Dickerson
Non-fiction: General/Other
In “When America Was Great Again,” Dr. Leon Dickerson speaks about the political will and social justice in place of President Donald J. Trump’s campaign policy, “Make America Great Again.” The plight of the created dregs of American society, the Native Americans, African Americans, and women were emphasized on how America was never great for all constitutional citizens of the United States of America.

When asked how the book was published, Dr. Leon Dickerson had an earful to give, “When Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of American, I didn’t believe he had any chances of winning. Then he invented the slogan, “LET’S MAKE AMERICA AGAIN.” At campaign rallies, his political base wore those red baseball caps, and we will never forget the loud chants of, “Let’s put Hillary in jail,” backed up with “LET’S MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN.” Mr. Trump and I are about the same age, so when I first heard “LET’S MAKE AMERICA AGAIN,” I knew that the America they were referring to wasn’t my American experience. When America Was Great Again best describes the America that wasn’t so great for some of us.”

“Let’s Make America Great Again,” reawakened the trauma of “The Jim Crow Era” and the America that wasn’t so great for some of us.

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