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Surviving In a Ruthless World: Bob Dylan's Voyage to Infidels
Jan. 9, 2020
Terry A Gans
Non-fiction: General/Other
It is a 221-page, 68,000 word manuscript, professionally proofed and edited multiple times.
Infidels was a work with no precedent in Dylan’s writing or sound. It came after three years of personal and professional turmoil following what has been characterized as his gospel period. Similarly, this
book has no precedent in works studying Dylan. It begins months prior to the recording of the 1983 album and concludes in April 1984 with the production and release of a final supporting video. It is the pioneering use of the Bob Dylan
Archives at Tulsa University and utilizes personal notebooks, many drafts of lyrics, 30 hours of studio master recordings, and over 24 hours of archival recordings which include rehearsal and discussion.
Interviews with musicians involved, production staff, artist managers, record company executive, boat builders and video producers provide an in-depth presentation of the actual work that ends in art. My writing has received the highest support
from the Bob Dylan Archives as well as from Dylan’s New York office.
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