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The Steinbecks [Screenplay]
Jan. 16, 2020
Melvina Patterson
Fiction: General/Other
Welcome to the Steinbecks, a ghoulish, gruesome, undead society Jewish family that dwells amongst the living, terrifying their neighbors and reigning upon those in the Hollywood industry. Meet the Steinbeck children – dangerous, unstable rug rats ready to chill your blood to the bone.
The Steinbecks is a delightful morbid, never before seen whacky comedy cast that will leave you breathless and glued to your seat. Enter if you dare.
The main characters, Edgar and Olivia Steinbeck, are the undead tycoon couple of the millennium. They travel the globe selling her famous fragrances to the world. Olivia is seen in TV commercials and spotted walking with her hubby along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. They have three rug rats named Ariel, Steven, and Freddy Steinbeck who are very much eccentric and somewhat mental.

Olivia Steinbeck, a billionaire whose alluring voice, elegant disposition, zombie countess of the 50s, attracts many of her followers in the Hollywood Industry. Death Becomes Her is her newest bouquet hit. Edgar Steinbeck, a well to do entrepreneur who is a great supporter of his famous wife and family, happens to be a real estate guru.
Ariel Steinbeck is an obese gothic princess who is appealing but has a very low self-esteem. Steven Steinbeck lives in his own little world, hallucinating and wishes to become a legend in hopes of saving the planet from corruption. Freddy Steinbeck loves being a mischief maker blowing up small bridges, parked vehicles, and has serious issues with the law.

Ariel wants to be Miss Ugly. Steven has a love for spiders or any creepy crawling creature. His favorite spider is a tarantula by the name of Vincent. Freddy is a destructive child who likes explosives, especially blowing up abandoned vehicles. Igor, their butler, handles things a little differently. He walks their family bobcat in the morning. Sometimes he’ll answer the door when the doorbell rings. Uncle Alfred is always in the laboratory developing the next great aroma of the century for his favorite niece Olivia. Aunt Ruby loves cooking and brewing in the kitchen for the family’s next meal.

Their kooky neighbors Jeb and Aaron are grave robbers and home invasion crooks who prey on the Steinbecks in return for their wealth and fortune. Grandpa Clampit is a werewolf neighbor, a hermit who lives as a recluse, shooting rats in his home as a form of extermination. Cousin Elroy is a hybrid: part zombie and squirrel. The Steinbeck children sometimes team up with their peers Samantha and Delmar. Samantha is a gothic princess and Delmar is a thug.

The family’s servants are ghosts, and their pet fish is a giant squid. Their favorite neighbors are Gloria and Dennis, the Ugly’s. This family always seem to invite themselves over even when uninvited.

Eddie is Ariel’s boyfriend who she can’t stand but tolerates out of convenience. Lance and Dingo are Freddy’s troublemaking friends. Just in case he comes in contact with law, they are his alibi.

A society of humans and zombies nation has evolved, living together in harmony. While the moon rises, the freaks come out at night. The Annual Monsters’ Ball is held once a year. Some of the most undead famous stars are seen there either performing or engaging with the public. This special occasion has a variety of monster musicians on stage. Paparazzi are seen taking pictures of the infamous couple strolling down Hollywood’s red carpet finale.
Olivia Steinbeck sometimes wear her live black panther coat out for the evening. She catcalls it, and it comes.
The Shadow Man is Steven Steinbeck’s favorite superhero. He can vision all the scenes happening before his very eyes.

The disfigured masked man saves a community of people plagued by crime, prejudice, and hate – dismantling their corrupt organization and taking down very powerful men. He risks it all in return of a peaceful world. The Shadow Man is a joy for every young man to see. In the Steinbecks, the Shadow Man will capture your child’s heart.

The Shadow Man is an undead society comic book that Steven Steinbeck admires. He reads it in the comfort of his room, and it helps him get away from it all. The Shadow Man is about a black man who was a lawyer and a family man. He put away some dangerous drug lords in the past, who put a hit out on him. The bad men eventually found out where he lived, assassinated his whole family except one, his son. Setting his home on fire which left him severely scarred for life, but the fire gave him incredible strength to go on. The Shadow Man decides to get even and goes after the culprits one by one in hopes of destroying their operation, and them.

Ariel believes the Shadow Man is a complete joke when she heard her brother Steven speak about him and mocks him.
Join this twisted tale of mayhem as the Steinbecks fly across the country in hope of developing the next big hit in the perfume industry. Heads will roll with this crafty tale of comedy.

So sit down and help yourself to a creepy treat while this hilarious family brews up trouble in the wide screen. They will tickles your taste buds with laughter and enjoyment. The Steinbecks, the new modern-day monsters, have taken Hollywood by storm.

The living has embraced an undead nation of zombies where once forgotten screen legends dance across the ballroom floor embracing the media once more. Top celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, James Byron Dean, Bette Davis, Sammy Davis Jr., and Frank Sinatra lit up the screen as zombies on The Steinbeck Show.

This show will encourage others who were never introduced to seeing these cultural icons that have passed on to actually see them in another light. Their music will delight you way back to the 50s and 60s, when music was originated by brilliant artists over the decades. The Steinbeck Show has a little bit of both worlds.

So don’t turn the channel. Lay back and enjoy The Steinbecks!
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