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Not Yet
Dec. 10, 2019
Erik Segall
Fiction: Debut
A novel by a suicide hotline worker full of holiday cheer
NOT YET, by Erik Segall

Aaron Clifton, a social worker at the Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotline Center, is tormented by the request to help his ailing grandmother kill herself.

A literary, psychological novel imbued with social commentary, Not Yet reflects on the depressive conditions that lead to suicide. This introspective, in-depth character study of a single father, who is utterly surrounded by women, details the emotional struggle of raising a teenage daughter while confronting the imminent demise of his grandmother slowly engulfed by Alzheimer’s. The dark theme of suicide is uplifted by musings on race, religion, history and feminism, and with humor occurring suddenly in the midst of dialogue-driven Socratic therapy. Not Yet offers a temporally-deconstructed glimpse of a man conflicted by the contemplation of assisting his grandmother in death.

“A human story told with fearless compassion" —Midwest Book Review

“A fresh view of suicide from a new author should be read by anyone affected clinically or personally by suicide. The two main questions, why and how, are explored in detail by Mr. Segall in his work of literary fiction. His poignant account cleverly wrestles with facts about suicide as well as how the main character, a crisis counselor, processes these precarious moments when decisions mean the difference between life and death. Read it and learn. It’s a stunning work by a writer with a gift for storytelling.”

—Dr. Jody Glittenberg, Pen Women of America finalist, author of The Promise Seed
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