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Stone Fruit
Dec. 6, 2019
Lee Lai
Graphic Novel
A exciting debut from the Australian new wave that explores the representations of family-making in queer relationships and how we build and rebuild despite trauma.

This book is exceptional —Eric Reynolds, Associate Publisher at Fantagraphics Books

Stone Fruit is an ode to sisters’ love. Ray and Bron are a queer couple who frequently take care of Ray’s niece, Nessie, and find in this relationship a chance at family-making that gives them tremendous joy.
Both of them have fraught relationships with their own families and in particular with their sisters. Bron’s younger sister resents her for leaving their Christian family home five years prior, while Ray’s older sister, a working single parents, doesn’t quite grasp her queer relationship and is wary of Bron, who is trans, hanging out with Nessie.
The crumbling of the powerful love between Bron and Ray, which they had once interpreted as mutual salvation from families that did not accept them, offers a glimmer for each of them to reconnect with their own sisters. The emptiness left by the end of their relationship pushes them to find a love that is ultimately the most profound and rewarding there is but that often life can ruin.
At its heart, this is a book about how we take care of and hurt the people we love and how we build and rebuild despite trauma. A coming-of-age story about figuring out how to navigate a family unable to understand you for who you are, with the specter of religion making everything all the more complicated. Stone Fruit is an important book that will make many people feel seen.
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Sold in North American in one of the most competitive graphic novel auctions in recent times.
Alessandra Sternfeld
phone: 3476791927
49 Elizabeth Street, Fourth Floor, New York, NY 10013
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