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The Contract of Maddox Black
Nov. 15, 2019
Elizabeth Earle
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Determined. Daring. And soon to be Dead.
Hanging for witchcraft is the least of Maddox Black's problems. Becoming sworn to a demon Hunter is another…

Thought dead for seven years, Maddox returns home to Greyport, intent on claiming her deceased father’s infamous travel journals.

Before she can lay her hands on her inheritance, she discovers her drunkard cousin has already promised the journals to the Grim. To make things worse, the bankrupt Earl of Greyport is blackmailing her to race for them across the Damned Seas and a Hunter is knocking on her door, claiming she’s to join his Demon-exorcising Order.

Running out of options, Maddox does the unthinkable and strikes a deal with the unnatural Hunter, leading her down a whirlwind of walking corpses, using dismembered fingers as currency, burning down plague-ridden villages and bribed to find a mad prince’s kidnapped sister.

To survive, she will have to become the very thing people feared her to be...
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First in The Maddox Black Chronicles.
Book 2- The Hunt of Maddox Black
Book 3- Title not fixed.
Elizabeth Earle
phone: 07533680144
29 Buchan Close, Galley Common, NUNEATON, CV10 9RR
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