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The Angel Interviews
Oct. 31, 2019
Ken Kessler
Non-fiction: General/Other
My metaphysical path started slowly and warily. I was a skeptic. While I wanted to believe, I didn’t want to be conned. And let’s face it, most of the times you hear about psychics, it’s usually because of something they did wrong (and because they got caught).

When I took an Angel class, I thought it was a little silly. I wasn’t even sold on the idea that Angels really existed. But we were introduced to various Archangels and their characteristics, and it sounded a little too much like some weird Tinder profile.

Archangel Michael’s color is purple. He’s all about protection. Archangel Raphael, on the other hand, is a healing angel, and his color is green.

I almost expected to hear that they also like Hallmark Christmas movies and long walks on the beach.

I also found it a little unlikely that an Archangel would be confined to one particular area. As if you could somehow connect with Archangel Michael and ask for healing, only to be told that you would need to dial again, as his department didn’t handle that. “It’s not my area,” as John Travolta said while playing the Archangel in the 1990’s movie “Michael”.

It just seemed really disingenuous that Angels and/or Archangels would refuse to help on a technicality.

What I learned from this was that there are lots of people out there claiming to be “experts” who actually give really bad advice.

For example, as I began to delve into mediumship, I was told that it was a one-way street. If Spirit wanted to connect with you, they would find a way. But you couldn’t just reach out to them.

That didn’t seem realistic to me. If they could call you, it just seemed that you should be able to call them. Whether they would answer was another question.

I wanted to try this hypothesis of mine, but I didn’t want to make some Spirit mad at me. So who would I reach out to? Most of my relatives that had passed away were a generation older, and had also been geographically distant. I didn’t really know any of them very well, and didn’t have any “unfinished business”.

It was late October, and I was working on a Christmas project for my job, so Andy Williams popped in my head. I could try to reach out to Andy Williams, and if I made him mad, I felt like I would be okay with that.

Besides, of course this wouldn’t work.

I found a quiet place at home, took half a dozen deep breaths, and I reached out. It worked! I connected!

Andy was in a tux, and he looked like he was on his way somewhere. He also looked a little annoyed that I was bothering him. Like he wanted to tell me to get off his lawn.

I had no idea what to say. Poor planning. I stammered for a moment, and all I could come up with was this Christmas project I was working on. I needed advertisers. Johnny Mathis had a new Christmas album coming up. So I asked him if he knew how I could get in touch with Johnny Mathis.

Seriously, that’s what I asked.

Andy looked at me and said, “What, do you think all of us crooners hang out together?”

I broke the connection.

I was pretty sure Andy Williams and I would never be friends. But I had proven, at least to myself, that I could make those kinds of connections.

And I also learned that not everyone teaching this kind of stuff actually has all the answers. Maybe, in fact, all of this metaphysical stuff just wasn’t the same for everyone.

A year or so later, I met a woman who claimed to channel Archangel Raphael. I was still undecided about the whole Angel thing, but this seemed even more unlikely.

I talked to her, and Raphael, on the phone. It was an interesting experience. Her voice completely changed when Raphael spoke through her. I still wasn’t convinced, but I agreed to have her on my podcast.

I thought that it was interesting and would make for a good show. And if she, and Raphael, were able to help some callers, that would be a nice bonus. Since she wasn’t doing this for money (and the private readings she offered weren’t for much money), I thought it would be okay.

Besides, if I sensed that this was some kind of trick or scam, I could always pull the plug on it.

We were about fifteen minutes into the show, when something very unusual happened. There was suddenly a small stack of three CDs on my desk next to my microphone. A moment before, those CDs had not been there.

The CDs were three copies of Johnny Mathis’ recent Christmas release.

I was completely distracted, and I interrupted whatever she (or Raphael) had been saying in response to whatever question I had asked.

I apologized for interrupting and said that something had just happened. Then, without mentioning the CDs, I asked Raphael if he’d had something to do with it.

He laughed and said that Andy thought it would be funny.

I had not told that story about Andy Williams on my show. In fact, my wife may have been the only one I had told at that point.

That changed as Raphael said I needed to tell that story. He said it was important for people to understand that they could all do this. Anyone who was listening could connect with Spirit. Or with Angels.

I continued to do shows with this woman (Donna Southard) and Raphael, as a way to try and further that message.

I also began to connect with other Archangels. And the idea for this book was born. Or it was given to me. Maybe both.

I set out to interview Donna and Raphael, as well as others who channelled Archangels (along with interviewing the Archangels). My initial intention was to interview as many as I could, compiling what I thought would be irrefutable proof that Angels exist, that they want to help us and that anyone can connect with them.

But I started to realize that the number of interviews wasn’t really that important.

For those that believed, or wanted to believe, or were searching for belief, three interviews would be enough. That would give, or at least offer, hope and healing. For those who didn’t believe, or wouldn’t believe, three hundred interviews wouldn’t be enough.

Three didn’t seem to be quite enough. There would be one more, and I would do that one myself. I tried to trust that, when the time came, I would know how to do that.

I conducted the interviews on my podcast, and began to transcribe them for this book. I also came up with a list of questions that I would ask in the interview I was doing to close the book. I found that, when I returned to the document where I had written the questions for the final interview, somehow, they had already been answered.

The Angel Interviews taps into Doreen Virtue’s previous audience, with one notable difference. Unlike Doreen, I believe that everyone is capable of Angel Communication, and that communication is not the same for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe.

I’m not trying to replace Doreen in any way, shape or form. I do think she did some good things with her writings about Angels, and in that way, I’m trying to do something similar. Otherwise, though, our styles, approaches and pretty much everything else are very different.

However, I am a big believer in the power of hope and healing, and I think The Angel Interviews could aid in that, at a time when so many of us could use plenty of both!

The Angel Interviews is also something I could promote on my podcast, Psychic Tapestry, as well as other metaphysical podcasts and radio shows. And it’s also possible, after a long career in traditional radio, that I could also get myself booked on morning radio shows all over the country!
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