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Small Medium at Large
Sept. 21, 2019
Stacey Longo & Rob Smales
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Jane Lacoss is an average seventeen-year old girl, commemorating her dead best friend’s birthday by visiting a psychic to see if she can reconnect with Bertha Seeley in the great beyond. Things start to go haywire when the medium drops dead in the middle of the séance; Jane’s sadness turns to elation when she comes home to find Bertha’s ghost hanging out in Jane’s bedroom, complaining about unflattering yoga pants.

Now the girls need to figure out how Bertha got here, and how to send her back to the Whereverafter.

Jane’s grandmother notices the young woman’s sudden interest in the paranormal and thinks she can help: Gram’s already given a ton of money and most of her assets to local television medium and little person, Bradley Blissfield, and she’s certain he’s the real deal. Spoiler: he is not.

Jane and Bertha have to figure out how to expose Blissfield as a con artist before he defrauds Grandma further. Then they’ll find that elusive real psychic, and determine how to send Bertha back. But once they do, the girls face a dilemma: are they ready to say goodbye a second time?
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STACEY LONGO is an award-winning author and editor, with eight titles published to date. Her YA novel My Sister the Zombie won the Reader's Choice Award for Best YA novel of 2017 from Preditors & Editors. She has been published in over two dozen anthologies and magazines, including Shroud, Shock Totem, and the Litchfield Literary Review.

ROB SMALES is the author of Echoes of Darkness and the award-winning Dead of Winter, as well as over two dozen published short stories. He is a multiple Pushcart nominee and won the Preditors & Editors' Reader's Choice award for Best Short Story 2012. and has been recognized several times on Ellen Datlow's Best of Horror honorable mentions lists in the past five years.
Rob Smales
S & L Editing
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