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The Quenar Affair / Omnitempus (Troyuan Chronicle Book Seven)
Aug. 30, 2019
Ernest Velon
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Who would have guessed, in the twentieth year of His Glory’s reign, the peace of an entire galactic dominion would be shattered. Like a pane of silicon glass, clear and unblemished, broken by a sudden malevolent blow. To those happy, prosperous people of faraway Playsaria, who are enjoying the fruits and blessings of the famed Pax Amaziana, that shattering unveiled a sudden monstrous design. Without notice, seething tentacles unraveled from a central pit causing the strangulation of so many fine comrades. A sickening malignancy, striking at the very heart of what people cherish as decent, swept down like a wave of crushing death. Planetary systems, nameless and innocent, teeming with the bounty of their father’s efforts, are torn apart like a piece of meat in a pair of ravenous jaws. Desperate populations, wallowing in the ruins of their worst nightmares, witnessed horrors surged up from the abysmal depths of chaos, to engulf us all.

Only a sane mind would recoil in anguish, crying out for justice in the emptiness.
Mia Tyler
Global Summit House
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