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Aug. 29, 2019
Rachele Salvini
Fiction: General/Other
No Big Deal is about a group of young musicians dealing with the accusations of domestic violence allegedly perpetrated by one of the members of the band. Our protagonist, Dixon, has always wanted to escape the squalid alleys of Stratford, East London, and from his father’s violent peaks at home. When his indie band gets big on social media, Dixon finally sets out for a new life away from his father – but, just as the band’s first UK tour begins, Dan, the drummer and one of Dixon’s best friends, is accused of domestic violence. Now faced with the dilemma of his life in his desperate attempt to carry out his plan to leave London, Dİxon will have to choose protect his friendship or pursue the truth, which does not seem to be as easy as he thought.

Though NO BIG DEAL may be seen as a rock ‘n’ roll story, the novel addresses problems of domestic violence and abuse from the point of view of a man who is constantly a victim of it and yet finds himself close to a perpetrator of it. Similar in vein to Roddy Doyle’s The Barrytown Pentalogy and Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting series, the novel delves into the world of alcohol, drugs and abuse, but still maintians light spirit and the obsession with music that one might find in High Fidelty by Nick Hornby. Unlike these books, however, NO BIG DEAL is a novel about women from the perspective of men, written by a woman. At its core the novel is about power. As such is ties into the conversation going on about Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement regards how people in a position of power may feel entitled to do whatever they want. In 2016, British musician Miles Kane was accused of sexism towards Rachel Brodsky, a female journalist who was interviewing him. In the piece that she wrote about the interview, Brodsky gives an account of her friends’ reactions: bands will be bands, she writes. Boys will be boys. But to what extent?
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Rachele Salvini first began to write NO BIG DEAL during a semester she spent at Sarah Lawrence College in 2015, where she took creative writing courses. Greatly influenced by her experience there and by her professor, the American author Carolyn Ferrel pushed her to move to London to pursue an MA in Creative Writing at University of Westminster. Here Rachele I studied with British authors Toby Litt, Ben Musgrave and Courttia Newland. Rachele’s short stories, written both in English and Italian, have been published in several reviews and magazines, such as Takahe Magazine in New Zealand. Rachele has worked as an editor and translator for the creative writing journal at University of Westminster and is currently pursuing her PhD under the guidance of fiction writers Toni Graham and Aimee Parkison.
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