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Aug. 29, 2019
Dursaliye Sahan
Fiction: General/Other
When an unnamed, London-based journalist comes across the story of a young boy pressured into gang activity, she immediately becomes intrigued. Determined to pursue this young Kurdish man’s story, she is startled to discover that the boy, Ali Kemal or Keko as he’s known to his friends, has decided to try and take his own life rather than be pressured into violence. From there the narrative, told in the journalist’s words follows how young Keko made his way from a small village in Turkey to Istanbul, in the hopes of pursuing a proper education. However, confronted with harsh prejudice from both his classmates and his teachers, Keko is soon forced to take a different path; one where hardship and violence run hand in hand. Keko’s journey takes him all the way to London; an environment completely foreign and new to him. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the prejudice that haunted Keko in Istanbul has pursued him to this new country as well, only in a different form. What happened to Keko that he found now way out but to resort to such dramatic measures? And could we have done anything to prevent this unfolding of events? At once an all too familiar and unique story, TOTTENHAM KIDS is a work of startling humanity and revelations.
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Turish (Sola Yayinlari)
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Much like Keko, Dursaliye Sahan was born in a small village in Turkey but moved to the city when she was 4. Later on, Sahan moved to London where she began working as a journalist. During this time, she began writing stories and plays centered on the lives of immigrant women and the prejudices that they faced. Many of these stories were later translated into English and published in both various literary magazines and anthologies. Over the years, Sahan has won a number of national and international literary awards. TOTTENHAM KIDS, which was published by Sola Yayinlari in Turkey, was her fifth book to be published and drew great attention in Turkey, given its culturally charged subject matter. Aside from this, Sahan has edited a number of books in Turkey and is a well-known screen writer; a fact that reflects in her cinematographic narrative style. Currently, Sahan lives in London with her husband, where she teaches creative writing and screenwriting classes to children, adults and adults with disabilities, while continuing her career as a journalist.
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