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Aug. 29, 2019
Talha Jalal
Fiction: General/Other
“The Closet of Memories” is a meditation on memory and imagination. An existential thriller, it tells the story of a brown man in a decidedly white man’s occupation. Edris, the protagonist, is a rootless cosmopolitan with an affinity for poetry and a tendency to being thwarted. The story opens on a summer day in Istanbul, when an exacerbated Edris quits his job (once again), only to disappear. Four years have passed since he left Washington. A Turkish spy who has followed him at the behest of his government, almost like an obsessive lover, is left confounded about the nature of reality in the absence of his foreign muse.Now he narrates the story of Edris, piecing it together from his own memories and the diaries and emails of Edris, none of which seem entirely trustworthy. Perhaps, it seems, the narrator is purposefully deceptive with a hidden motive. Perhaps, we are tempted to think too, that he is delusional. The stakes are high because these awkward characters play their parts against the backdrop of what appears to be an international conspiracy.
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Talha Jalal was born in Lahore and spent part of his early years in Oman. He began his writing career as a freelance journalist for national newspapers in Pakistan. His pieces have appeared in various publications, such as Aljazeera (http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2014/02/women-liberty-2014222143534187756.html) and Le Monde Diplomatique (http://mondediplo.com/outsidein/bad-habits-of-international-speak). His first book, published in 2013, was an architectural history of the Imperial Mosque of Lahore entitled MEMOIRS OF THE BADSHAHI MOSQUE (Oxford University Press).

Talha studied international relations and history in Italy and later the United States where he was awarded the Bologna Center Fellowship at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. Talha’s career, beyond writing, has focused on international political affairs and humanitarian advocacy. He has undertaken assignments with Doctors Without Borders and has held research positions at the UN and the Foreign Policy Institute. Since 2014, he’s been living in Barcelona, Istanbul, and Zagreb, often returning to Muscat for a stroll by the sea. Currently, he's in the process of moving to Lisbon for work.
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