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The Road to Freedom
Aug. 12, 2019
Adriane Kross
Fiction: General/Other
The road we think we should follow may not be our true path that is written well in advance by the powers that be. In so doing, we accept this by following our faith without question. Yet when this road is very difficult beyond measure, we never give up, even when we face the unknown. This book allows us to understand how doubt, roadblocks and one against many, can test our beliefs and our courage. Mary's bravery was a beacon to us all to never let anyone control us, no matter how obsessed or how demonic others become.

- Is it really possible to faulter in our faith?

- Where is our support system with others?

- When circumstances are unconventional, do we seek guidance?

- How can you help a friend who is struggling?

- How do we perceive the unknown?

- Fact or Fiction—our faith allows us to see the truth.

This book allows you to challenge your steadfastness and allegiance to God, through a story based on an introduction that led to a spiritual battle, an obsession with one and sometimes many.
Mia Tyler
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