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True Privilege
Sept. 6, 2019
Dr. Karyn Darnell
Fiction: General/Other
In the grand style of “The Chronicles of Narnia,” written by C.S Lewis and “The Hobbit” written by J.R.R Tolkien. The True Privilege Series written by Dr Karyn Darnell is another epic journey into a world of adventure, intrigue and the underbelly of sex and labor slavery. It's an amazing journey of captivating characters, a story woven to pull the reader into a sage they will never want to escape. The twists and turns are a roller coaster of surprise keeping the readers on the edge of their seats begging for more.

The True Privilege Movie/TV series will leave the audiences spellbound as the journey catapults the characters around the world hunting down traffickers. From America to Europe, China and Russia, the team chases predators and organized crime rings by the end of the first series which dates 1897 - 2009. There will be three series comprising three books each. As the film series progresses, the end of the first series takes the audiences into Europe, China, and Russia chasing down criminal black organ markets and sex traffickers. This isn't just another series involving sex and labor illegal trades but a teaching tool for the masses as elements and true factors about trafficking tactics and operations will educate the public. Dr. Karyn Darnell is associated with an antitrafficking organization called 'Million Kids.' It's a collaborative goal to create a documentary that will be available to all schools across America, teaching our youth cell phone safety. The True Privilege series will work in union with this organization to raise funds, bring community and school awareness to save lives.
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