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Aug. 7, 2019
Jordan Costner
Fiction: General/Other
Luke Hart a seemingly normal, everyday guy heads off to college with McKenna Parker, his best friend and one true love. While at school Luke stumbles on to a discreet world unlike anything he has experienced before. The world of Legacy, an institution that has been thriving since the decline of the Roman empire. Legacy has maintained the gladiator style of the fighting since the reign of Emperor
Numerian. Becoming immersed in Legacy, Luke discovers he is a Bloodborn.

A warrior, whose bloodline traces back to one of histories most storied legends. While finding a home in Legacy, Luke begins his transformation from seemingly normal guy into a God. The closer Luke gets to his fulfilling his destiny, the more he puts his and McKenna's lives in danger. Ancient Rivalry, and blood lust spell death at every opportunity for Luke. Only time will tell if he will be able to survive Legacy.


This book captivates readers into developing a comradery with the protagonist as the story follows his heroes’ journey in a modern-day retelling of Spartacus. Blending fact and fiction, spanning across various cultures throughout history, a single timeline of events traverses from ancient Greece to modern America.
Mia Tyler
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