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Great Books
Aug. 5, 2019
Jesse Hertstein
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
GREAT BOOKS is a modern tale of self-discovery and pain, conveyed through the insights of popular literary works. It is a story of diverse and imperfect teens, set amid the often awkward and sometimes tragic realities of high school politics and personal identity. In Riverside, CA, senior Oscar Gomez is a slightly overweight, Mexican-American soccer star struggling to deal with a harsh father and the new religious faith of his now single mother. When he lands a violent punch at a weekend party, the consequential tailspin exposes feelings and interests previously hidden behind Oscar’s athletic bravado. Mattie Kino is a fan of classic literature who draws comfort and strength from her religious beliefs as she hides her Tourette’s from swarms of cruel classmates. Mark Peekay is a childhood friend of Oscar’s who lives in the shadow of his parents’ polished image, drifting into a reclusive lifestyle of gothic garb and video games, making him a frequent target of bullies. When Oscar’s situation lands him in a literature class with “Dark Mark” and Mattie, love blossoms, rage boils over, and faith is challenged as lives intersect in ways that change them forever.
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Jesse Hertstein studied English at Vanguard University of Southern California and later received a master’s degree in management and global marketing from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI. He also studied abroad at Cambridge University. While in college, Jesse provided articles and creative writing for various publications, then went on to write professionally for magazines and blogs, including short pieces for Entrepreneur Magazine, a technology column in Home Office, and featured articles in Entrepreneur International. His subsequent career in global communications equipped him with expertise in web and social media marketing. Jesse’s extensive global travel, through professional work and participation in global mission trips, has enhanced his ability to perceive and write about life from diverse perspectives.
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