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Aug. 1, 2019
Donald Dewey
Non-fiction: Biography
A biography of the iconic Redgrave family, featuring extensive interviews with dozens of actors who have worked with the Redgraves, from Jane Fonda and Michael Caine to Emma Thompson and Jack Nicholson. Other interviewees will include directors and technicians involved in the Redgraves' various film productions and members of the family.

Main themes will be on the “being in the public eye” that Michael Redgrave has talked about, the family’s successful and unsuccessful endeavors to subjugate their entire lives to their profession, the strains this dedication has caused them internally and externally, and the indelible mark the Redgraves have left on the acting profession through their attitudes, training, and achievements.

Donald Dewey is the published author of a number of books, including a biography of American actor James Stewart, originally published in the U.S. by Turner Publishing and currently available from Little Brown UK.

A full proposal, including an overview and table of contents, is available for your consideration.
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