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The Weight of Words Unspoken
July 9, 2019
Catherine Devore Johnson
Fiction: Women's/Romance
An award-winning work of upmarket fiction that explores the corrosive nature of family secrets. Scarred by childhood trauma and a broken home, Eliza Shaw aches to please her mother Nora, but nothing ever seems good enough—not her academic success, not her career with a prestigious law firm, and certainly not her engagement to Ryan Kelley, the son of Nora’s former college roommate. Although Nora’s disapproval of Ryan comes as little surprise, Eliza is shocked when her mother skips the wedding and severs all contact thereafter. Haunted by her mother’s rejection, Eliza doubts she’ll ever know what drove them apart, until she discovers a devastating secret: Nora played a role in the death of Ryan’s father. Now married, newly pregnant, and rocked by her mother’s deception, Eliza questions the foundation of her marriage and soon-to-be motherhood. And when tragedy strikes, she and Ryan must confront the past to protect their marriage and reconcile their families’ hidden hostility. Told in alternating chapters that weave together Eliza’s present and Nora’s past, The Weight of Words Unspoken examines how two women—unable to connect despite the blood that binds them—navigate loss, infidelity, addiction, and the struggle to balance personal fulfillment with familial obligations.
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Catherine Devore Johnson earned a B.A. in history from Yale University and a J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law. The Weight of Words Unspoken won first place in the Romance/Women’s Fiction category of the Houston Writer’s Guild manuscript contest and was a finalist in the Writer’s League of Texas manuscript contest. Catherine’s article about her abrupt transition into the “sandwich generation" was recently published in the Houston Chronicle.
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