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Open to Light
July 9, 2019
Marilyn Pope
Non-fiction: General/Other
Enjoy a small book by your bedside, wondering about holding back, getting stuck, letting go, changes, relationships, silence, sharing, and loving. Letting go and changes are something to get used to because it will occur over and over in life. It is a common denominator for all living beings. The easier you move on from difficult situations, the more grace will show up in your life.

Open to Light is a more personal book with thoughts of letting go—getting on with your life. No need to stay longer than needed in anything less than a positive situation, no matter what happens to you. A person can move through it, whatever it is, and get on with life.

This little book has a heart. It needs and deserves a publisher who appreciates its contents. Marilyn Pope has been a prolific commercial artist and a professional Intuitive Medicine practitioner MIM for several decades, whether through painting, music, or writing from an original perspective, teaching others, and learning authenticity and simplicity is

People have compared it to Rod McKuens style of books, Hugh Prather's. It has been referred to as “hauntingly beautiful.”

Life is precious; letting go is hard. Know that there are other options just ahead. You’re valuable, listen to your inner wisdom.

Past hurts are learnings for positive awareness to move forward and accomplish more, with the ability to give more. Be empowered.

Your life is an opportunity, appreciate every day’s grace.

Some actions or words may seem negative to others, and it is meant as critical thinking. Merely discerning through past real experiences, which may have created an obstacle. An Architect will be thoughtful as he designs a building to imagine what will work and what is not feasible or
practical for contractors to make happen. As a painter, you learn to work with whatever happens on a canvas. Depth and distance and overlapping all kinds of things happen, you make it yours, and you keep working. When you pick up a baby animal and care for it until it is ready to leave,
it lifts you up. Everyone is different, and that is what makes life great.

Open to Light is a shorthand, quick read, inch of a mile walked in poem form from a handful of papers. Being vulnerable and sharing a few random thoughts can make a difference in another person's life, then I have succeeded in some small way.

A song or a poem is an interpretation of a subject from an artist’s creative thought. We have common experiences. Stephen Brune, my best friend and a music attorney, and Robert Hancock wrote many songs and played throughout the Bay Area with me for many years.

Philosophy, psychology, easy reading, beginners, study class, personal transformation 1870, new age, spirituality 2166, simple poetry

Advice to the Younger Generation:

Breathe deeply, be kind to animals and other people, respect the Earth and the ocean, help beings who cannot be heard, be comfortable in silence, observe nature—it is incredible, understand what grace and integrity means, take care of your body and mind, think positive thoughts, keep beauty around you, do nice things for others for no reason, educate yourself, appreciate differences, take nothing for granted, be grateful for each day, take time for fun, be creative, figure out what you like, let go of being judgmental, be discerning, enjoy preparing nutritious meals and share, send your smile outward, and love and forgiveness—know them both.
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