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Cabin in the Woods
July 4, 2019
Tara Booth
Graphic Novel
The first long-form graphic novel by one of the most acclaimed women in comics today, who went viral with her visually striking and piercingly relatable Instagram comics. She has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Cabin in the Woods follows a modern-day woman who, amid shrink visits and anxiety attacks, fantasizes about moving to the woods and taking a break from our over-stimulating and hyper-connected society . . . until she actually does.

When the opportunity comes for her to rent a cabin in the woods, the protagonist decides to immerse herself in the quiet life—where phone service is spotty at best and the main source of entertainment comes from downloaded true crime podcasts. Her mood alternates between utter fear of sounds and shadows at night and insanity-triggering boredom during the day. Having all the time in the world to do yoga and meditate makes it impossible to just do so.

To exacerbate the whole situation comes her frustration at not being able to share her experiences on social media, which makes her realize that the appeal of the whole endeavor may have been more performative than anything else . . .

A book about finding a balance between extremes, and finding the positive in what you have—because ultimately, everywhere you go, it will still kind of suck.
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