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Being, Peace, and Full trilogy
July 8, 2019
Suna Senman
Non-fiction: General/Other
Suna uses words like a paintbrush on canvas with poetic writing and provocative thoughts to evoke insights in her readers.

The beauty of Suna’s books is that they stimulate inner wisdom without advocating for a specific perception. As the author, she respects the reader's self-direction. The books can almost be seen as an ink-block test used by psychologist to bring to surface underlying thoughts and belief systems. Once visible, the reader can work with them and make adjustments for a joyful, fulfilling life. Since change is a constant and we ride life like steering a canoe on the river, being aware of the unseen terrain below the surface gives us advantages. Suna advocates for observation, acceptance and appreciation.

After over 30 years of working with people one-on-one and in groups, Suna put together the book, Being, which was self-published in 2009. She knew at the time that the book would be the first in a trilogy: Being, Peace and Full. The books are non-linear and before their time. Much of what Suna wrote ten years ago is becoming the new information coming forth in the mindfulness and spiritual communities today. While the concepts are just being discussed now, the information is timeless, like the books. Suna writes what she knows from personal experiences and from facilitating clients through their endeavors. She encourages the reader to see all his or her feelings and situations as gifts.

Suna wants to expand her outreach so that seekers around the world can stimulate their inner wisdom through these and future books. While Being: A Process focuses on the individual experience, Peace: Discovering Life's Harmony through Relationships is an exploration into relationships, and is a relationship between author and reader as the reader is asked to write parts of the book. Full: About Food, Sex and Creativity expands further into being a type of universal work by recognizing the collaborative nature of all our experiences. Being and Peace have been self-published. Full is mostly written and needs to be organized into book form.

All the books are inspirational with a timeless spontaneity somewhat similar to channeled books. The first two books will be rewritten into new updated editions and the third book shall unfold to speak to us at this time.
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