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The Dragon Adventure
July 8, 2019
Suna Senman
Ms. Suna’s Peace Circle series addresses the physical, mental, emotional and social development of young children. The stories are moving adventures to read and then act out. Using the books with your child from an early age and repeating often enhances their development. “Parents, policymakers, business leaders, and the general public increasingly recognize the importance of the first few years in the life of a child for promoting healthy physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development,” is the opening summary of an intensive study called “Early Childhood Intervention: Proven Results, Future Promises” by Karoly, Kilburn and Cannon. Engaging your young child is easy since children love playing the imagination games, and you can feel good that they are getting the benefit from the carefully designed activities.

This introduction portion of the book has the purpose of elucidating the educational benefits of the moving adventure and gives you, the adult, key information from experts. Harvard University Center on the Developing Child finds the need to “Incorporate vigorous physical exercise into daily activities, which has been shown to positively affect stress levels, social skills, and brain development;”

This book, The Dragon Adventure, is based on ten movements recommended for everyone to do daily in order to bring equilibrium to your being . The movements stretch and increase blood flow to the muscles and organs in the body. Energy paths, called meridians in Eastern medicine, can recalibrate to a calm-active status from over-active or sluggish states. The still positions are the most important for physical, mental and emotional stability. They simulate meditation, which is clinically proven to promote creativity, reduce stress, improve mental health and cognition, and support the immune system

In addition to the fundamental exercise, the moving adventure uses affirmative language, imagination and positive psychology to increase motivation to learn, ability to follow direction, and most important, positive self-esteem. The language used is carefully selective to support the child’s willingness to explore and expand their understanding by refraining from negation, stereotyping and prejudice. The story stimulates imagination. "Imagination is necessary for wholesome development," [Thomas] Robinson, [MD, professor at Stanford Medical School] emphasizes, adding that “imagination is the underpinning of critical thinking, problem solving, and common sense.” Julie Cameron, creativity expert and author of The Artists' Way (Hay House), emphasized in an interview with Suna, "The child who feels safe in exercising their imagination at home naturally continues to be a creative thinker in the world."
After the story and movement description is a section of questions to stimulate your child’s own creative thinking. While hearing a story is a consumer activity, creating one’s own story to express in pictures, words, or theatrics gives the child a sense of mastery and contribution to society (even through the small social unit of family). Furthering psycho-social development, the books are based in positive psychology, which proposes that humans are fundamentally happy and overcome setbacks through supportive relationships and character strengths.

The integration of non-confining language, mental creativity and optimism being acted out in physical movement marks positive messages into memory. Dr Sheryl Cohen, Director of the Pilgrim School Early Education Program in Los Angeles, explains, “Our original style of learning is through our senses as we experience life and make connections within our being. This intuitive learning approach facilitates rapid accumulation of knowledge, such as in learning to communicate through language.” Since, in learning, the first approach to a task holds uncertainty and even fear, virtually approaching these “dragon” experiences physically, mentally emotionally and socially (through your participation with the child) imprints a real experience in the child’s memory to access when approached with other obstacles in life. The Dragon Adventure moving exercise is a foundational component of physical, mental, emotional and social health.

Now that you know how beneficial this book is to your child, you may be enthusiastic to share it with him or her daily. Perhaps the book entices and engages your child immediately; if not, allow your child to ignore the book. The best way to interest your child is to engage in the moving activity yourself. According to a recent international survey focused on how technology influences children, 85% of young adults report that their greatest influence on their life perspective comes from their parents -- not the outside influences. The health benefits are equally great for all ages, and a child wants to be like the important adults around him or her (mom, dad, teacher, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, babysitter, grandparents, etc).

As I share these books of imaginative active games, my hope is that you and your children will enjoy greater health and happiness by incorporating a little fun participation regularly.

Mia Tyler
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