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The Reddest Rose Unfolds
July 2, 2019
Liv Strömquist
Graphic Novel
Liv Strömquist examines how love is doing in the late capitalistic era and why we tend to fall in love more seldom nowadays.
Are we too self-absorbed? Narcissistic? In need of control?

Leonardo DiCaprio has dated numerous super sexy swimsuit models but never falls in love with anyone. Why? Has it got to do with consumer society, narcissism, biology - or has he just not met the right one? And are we all becoming more and more like Leo? Why has it become so hard to fall in love? Can you control love? Can you make it stop hurting? And why does it end?

With the help of Beyoncé, Sören Kierkegaard, the Smurfs, sociological theory, Jesus Christ and many more, Liv seeks answers to these questions.

The Reddest Rose Unfolds borrows its title from a poem by American author H.D. (Hilda Doolittle), whose life was marked by her great talent for falling in love. In the book, we also get the story of how Socrates cockblocked a guy 2,400 years ago, what happened when Theseus fell out of love with Ariadne, and we get to learn more about the craziest girlfriend of history, Lord Byron's ex-lady Caroline Lamb, and why she is a true role model.
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