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Viral Dreams
July 1, 2019
John Saenger
Digital: Fiction: Thriller
It is early summer, and Max Tyler and his nine-year-old daughter Megan are on a weekend camping trip, hiking in the forest near Crystal Lake. The wispy scent of pine wafts gently in the breeze as they lazily wander far from the hiking path...and straight into a nightmare.
Megan is a fair distance away from Max, gathering a posy of wildflowers when a man abducts her. In the ensuing minutes, Max fights with his daughter’s abductors before racing Megan, unconscious, to the hospital.

The mystery of the ­attempted abduction intensifies as Megan is later rushed from their home in southern California to a hospital because of an escalating, uncontrollable fever, and it is there they meet Dr. Beth Collins, infectious disease specialist, who takes care of Megan and becomes deeply embroiled with them as the mystery proliferates into a kaleidoscopic maelstrom.

Max and Beth rush headlong into the accelerating vortex to save Megan and discover that the brilliant but malevolent head of a biotech firm, Viralvector, Inc., and his team kidnapped and have been experimenting on Megan and several other children. And part of the experimental plan is to incorporate the results of a human cloning attempt that involves Megan, but unbeknownst to the experimenters, proffers a startling, unanticipated sensory development.
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