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The Guy He Was Supposed To Be
June 29, 2019
Larissa Lopes
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Linda González has just given up her small-town-girl life to spend her senior year of high school living with her dad in LA. Or at least that’s what she let her family believe. The truth is that she’s in love with a 17-year-old pop star. Alec Brock is her cyber boyfriend, and Linda has finally found a way to close the gap in their long-distance relationship. But when she surprises Alec at his concert, she finds out he has no idea who she is.
The impostor insists he has never lied about his feelings for Linda, despite refusing to reveal his true identity, and promises she will never hear from him again. But in a twist of fate, she gets to know the real Alec. Cocky, audacious, and incredibly charming, real Alec acts nothing like the guy she fell in love with—although he seems to be the only person able to put a smile on her face these days.
The closer Linda gets to Alec, the more the catfish threatens their safety and their relationship. Always one step ahead of the police, he seems to be nearer than they expected. Without knowing what he looks like, Linda can’t trust anyone anymore. Alec doesn’t plan to back down, and Linda still wants to know who this guy is but is it really worth risking everything for the truth? Or is she just afraid of having to face the impostor she might still be in love with, now that she finally won Alec’s heart?
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