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Dawn of the Reaper
June 28, 2019
Paul F. McGowan
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Firestorm, a legendary creature once thought lost to the ages, has returned to the land of Evernight. Following centuries of forced exile, the dragon plots his revenge against the kingdom that once vanquished his kind. After he murders Rowan’s family to safeguard his identity, the boy is taken in by the notorious sorcerer, Archibald Scott. Showing promise in the ways of magic, the orphan becomes the eccentric magician’s apprentice and is tutored in the elusive art of wizardry.
Attempting to understand his true purpose in life, Rowan soon finds himself thrust into a perilous quest to recover a legendary dragon slayer. Accompanied by longtime companions and new allies alike, they must use all of their wits if they’re to survive the storm brewing on the horizon. But evil lurks in the shadows as a secretive assassin stalks their every move. Can Rowan unravel the mysterious riddle of his past in order to fulfill his destiny? Only time will tell as he races to recover the ancient artifact known as the Reaper Sword. Together they’re humanity’s only hope of defeating Firestorm and his legions.
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