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Witches' Quarters
June 28, 2019
Laura M. Sniders
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Witches’ Quarters is about a family of four children who find themselves in an alternate world after placing a quarter – a bewitched North Dakota commemorative quarter - into a tree-shaped coin bank. There they encounter some unfriendly talking bison and have to use another quarter to escape.
They bounce from one territory to the next all the while gathering information about this new world. They find it's a world at war – animals versus witches – and that they have powers of their own. The four children decide to fight with the animals for their independence from the witches in exchange for training in green and purple magic. Green is the magic of the animals, purple the magic of the witches.
Green magic allows the animals in this world to give their souls to another being upon death. This allows the other being to take the deceased animal’s form. Thus, an eagle who gives its soul to a mountain lion grants the lion the ability to turn into an eagle. This is the root of the war. The witches want the animal’s power in addition to their own.
The two oldest children go out to practice their newfound powers when two witches ambush them and Charlotte, the oldest, is captured, while Ava, the second eldest, forms a search party to save her sister. Through their separation, the two girls learn about the war and the reason why each side is fighting, while also learning to understand one another.
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