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The Ghost And The Wolf
June 28, 2019
Shelly X Leonn
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
NBR Spotlight Author - Penelope, a student reporter, struggles to find her identity after a childhood of tragedy. Desperate to prove herself to her peers, she chases a story tip on a secret organization of teenage urban explorers called “The Broken.” The group demands she completes a test before they let her write the story. While following the clues of their twisted scavenger hunt, she encounters Lex, a young paranormal investigator with a knack for computer hacking. The pair work together to uncover the organization’s darkest secrets. They learn there are ten groups of teenagers fighting for a place among the top three teams. All members go by code names within the Broken app. Their team is called The Pack and includes Wolf Cub, Drips, Nail, Skin, and Garnet.
At first, Lex and Penelope (now Ghost and Lois) try to keep their distance from the group. Lex struggles to buy into the group’s philosophies, but Penelope quickly becomes enamored. They tag along for some of their urban exploration missions, including an abandoned farmhouse, a vacant mall, and a haunted truck stop. Despite their best efforts, they became entangled in the group’s inner fighting. The Broken was first developed by Warren, who goes by Alpha. Alpha, Wolf Cub’s older brother, didn’t create the app as a way to gather together like-minded teenagers looking for kinship, as everyone has long believed. His plans for the group are much more nefarious… and deadly. Realizing her mistakes too late, Penelope will have to fight for her own life and the lives of her friends as she learns what it means to be one of the broken.
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