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Excelsior Journeys
June 27, 2019
George Sirois
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Put down the pen.
Pick up the sword.
Unleash the hero within.

Excelsior is the story of Matthew Peters, a young man who has spent the past seven years writing and drawing a webcomic about a character named Excelsior, savior of planet Denab IV.

As the comic increases in readers, Matthew is ready to enjoy his growing success, but an older woman informs him she is from planet Denab IV and all of the stories in his comic are Excelsior's memories.

Now, with enemies growing in strength on two different planets, Matthew must find the strength within to realize his true destiny and become his greatest creation.
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Foreign, Film, Television
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Print, e-book, audio to Aelurus Publishing
Amy Brewer Patty Carothers
Metamorphosis Literary Agency
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