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How a Heart Beats
June 27, 2019
Ellis Kaye
Fiction: Women's/Romance
When Andy finds the insomniac nurse napping upright in the local library, he is sunk. While Liv learned the hard way about arrogant charm and sexy banter, she can’t resist his southern made manners. They’re a match made in Dixie Land heaven – except Andy learns Liv will never date a doctor and he just accepted the job that will have him handing out Liv’s nursing orders. Andy makes the foolhardy ‘guy-brain’ decision and lies. But what’s supposed to be an easy, no strings attached romp in the sack spirals into a loving lust neither are ready for.
The discovery of Andy’s lie is crushing to Liv, made infinitely worse when they are forced to work together to save the life of a stranger with the newest contagion scare since Ebola. Stuck in a seventy-two-hour quarantine should be the perfect time to come clean about all the skeletons they’ve both buried deep, but meddling medical directors, fiery best friends, and a patient that keeps trying to die always seem to get in the way. And if battling the bad juju weren’t enough, Andy’s decision to save one patient’s life might cost Olivia her own.
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