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Both Darkness and Light
June 27, 2019
Michelle Thorne
Fiction: Women's/Romance
Emlyn is a twenty-year-old former heroin addict, who has a well-earned, compulsory aversion to touch after being a victim of human trafficking in childhood. She would be content to live out her life pain-free and alone if it were not for the handsome Kyle Carter, who is blind and respectful of her no-touch rule. When he realizes that Emlyn never got to be a kid, he begins to recreate childhood experiences for her in hopes of helping her heal and wooing her.

Kyle is irresistible, but Emlyn’s past is troubled. She worries about Kyle getting hurt, and she just can’t bring herself to let him touch her. He worries that Emlyn will never let him touch her and he’s not sure what else he can do to prove he is the one for her. As both fight feelings of inadequacy, they are driven apart and it’s in that darkness that Emlyn discovers that Kyle already took care of her heart, she can trust him with her body as well.
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