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Before the Snow Flies
June 13, 2019
John Wemlinger
Fiction: Women's/Romance
Before the Snow Flies

Major David Keller was destined to become a general one day if not for a roadside bomb in Afghanistan that took both of his legs. Unwilling to accept life in a wheelchair, he intends to kill himself until a hero’s welcome back to his tiny hometown of Onekama, Michigan, alters only his timeline, not his intention.

Two people, however, aren’t happy with his return, no matter how short-term or overdue. First, there’s Maggie McCall. She was in love with David Keller, but he hurt her badly when he left for West Point never to return home until now. Sixteen years ago, when she discovered she was pregnant with David’s child, she hid the truth and married someone else; Ray McCall, the son of a now-retired but still influential politician.

Ray McCall is even more upset by Keller’s return. Obsessively jealous, alcohol and gambling addicted, his marriage to Maggie is over. Yet, McCall remains obsessed with her and sees Keller’s return as a threat to their ever getting back together.
Inevitably, Maggie and David reconnect and he discovers the truth about their son, Jack. What will become of his suicide plans now? Has his past, and now his present, sparked a future despite the wheelchair to which he is forever bound? He goes down to the lake late one night to think.

But any future Maggie and David have is threatened when Ray McCall attacks him at the lake’s edge. That attack throws Keller into a PTSD-induced flashback. Using the gun he’s illegally purchased to take his own life, David kills McCall, and, then, blocks any memory of it. Without witnesses to the shooting, he finds himself accused of murder. His brother, PJ must make a decision: prosecute or resign as the county prosecuting attorney and defend David in court. After some detective work followed by an intense, emotional trial, PJ achieves his brother’s acquittal.

The poignant Epilogue leaves the reader uplifted as Maggie tells David she is pregnant.

Like Nicholas Sparks’ "The Lucky One," "Dear John" and "The Guardian," "Before the Snow Flies" evokes feelings of compassion and love, while treating important current themes of suicide, especially the military’s epidemic of it, and the tragic effects of PTSD. Markets for this movie are adult men and women aged 25 and older, especially viewers who like mysteries shrouded in a love story, viewers who enjoy action and military themes, veterans of military service and viewers who like contemporary romances.
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Author John Wemlinger is a retired US Army colonel. This is his third book.
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