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LOST TO THE WORLD (historical mystery set on eve of 1954 polio vaccine trials)
June 12, 2019
Libby Sternberg (an Edgar finalist)
Fiction: General/Other
Anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists aren't new. In 1954, on the eve of the Salk polio vaccine trials, radio host Walter Winchell warned Americans of the coming vaccine trials, even going so far as to "report" that thousands of white coffins were being stockpiled for the children who were likely to die after being administered the vaccine. He was wrong, and Salk moved forward, ultimately saving millions from this dreaded disease.

LOST TO THE WORLD is a mystery set in this worrisome time when fear of polio battled with fear of the new vaccine, when researchers rushed to begin trials of the vaccine before the next "summer plague" season hit.

This historical novel tells the tale of a fictional researcher murdered in a Hopkins lab, and how a troubled detective, a widower and veteran of World War II, searches for his killer, following clues that uncover anti-Semitism against the Jewish scientists leading the polio vaccine hunt and trials gone horribly awry. It relies heavily on the real history of the vaccine trials and provides a historical context for today's anti-vaxxers who, now blessedly living in a world virtually free of polio, don't understand any longer the threat it once posed.
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All -- the book was published years ago by small Istoria Press, an indie publisher no longer in business.
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The author is an Edgar finalist for an earlier YA mystery. She writes historical fiction and mysteries under the name Libby Sternberg, and lighter works under the name Libby Malin. One of her romantic comedies was purchased for film by Fox Studios. She has been published by Harlequin, Dorchester, Bancroft, Sourcebooks, and FIve Star/Cengage. Her mystery DEATH IS THE COOL NIGHT, featuring the same detective that is in LOST TO THE WORLD, received a 10 (out of 10) score in every category but one in the BookLife Prize contest.
Amazon page link: https://www.amazon.com/Lost-World-Libby-Sternberg/dp/1530700620
Libby Sternberg
phone: 8025587046
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