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Kaddish is Not a Prayer
June 14, 2019
Bill G. Lomuscio
Digital: Fiction: Debut
Kaddish is an action novel told in historical context. It travels back and forth in time chronicling the lives of three separate groups of individuals.

After the liberation of Dachau, a band of young teenage survivors secretly take an oath to hunt down and eliminate Hitler’s bloodline; along with any other Nazi party members they find. These adolescents seek revenge for their murdered families along with the millions of other holocaust victims. They name themselves Kaddish (Jewish prayer for the dead).

Prior to the end of the war an SS officer, Colonel Claude von Bruen, is tasked with continuing the process of secreting members of Hitler’s family and other high-ranking Nazi families in South, Central and North America; disguised as Dutch refugees. His goal is to have the next generation remain unaware of their heritage, until the time is right to resurrect the Fourth Reich. He has control of an enormous amount of wealth to aid in his endeavor.

In 1995, we meet Sam Bachman, a history professor at Brooklyn College, who specializes in the study of fanatical groups throughout history. He is also a docent at the Museum of Natural History. Sam is mourning the tragic death of his wife and son and has just returned to teaching after an eighteen-month sabbatical when we meet him. On that evening, while at the museum with his mentor, Dr. Robert Griffin, he examines a recently received crate of items accidentally uncovered in an old banana plantation in Paraguay. It contains the handwritten diary of a man being chased by a group of fanatical avenging survivors named Kaddish. He has never heard of them, and it piques his professional curiosity, so he agrees with Dr. Griffin to begin research on the group.

The wealthy Dutch business tycoon, Rolf Heublin (former Colonel Claude von Bruen), protects and financially aids the families in his care. He is their rich, jovial, Uncle Rolf. Kaddish is now older, very connected and increasingly brutal in their vengeful acts; especially their leader, Katarina Krenski, CISZA. The co-founder, Max Krenski, withdraws from the group in 1962. He can no longer shed blood, even the blood of Nazis.

To help Sam through the grieving process, his Uncle Chaim, a well-respected rabbi (Sam is Jewish but not observant) has him assigned as a substitute Mashgiach (rabbinical inspector), and he covers several Kosher butcher shops throughout the city. At one shop, as a part of his research, he reveals the diary to a butcher (a survivor), the now older Max Krenski. Max knows the diary, because he was involved in torturing its author in Denia Spain in 1948. For his own safety, he reluctantly agrees to use Max as his main resource. Anything Sam uncovers, Max will help confirm, without the need to share this knowledge with anyone else. Kaddish eliminates anyone who uncovers their existence. Despite the age differences Max becomes close with Sam and and Sam’s childhood friend Paul.

When the three friends witness a news broadcast about a mass killing by Kaddish, they are forced to try to save the remainder of Hitler’s family, before Kaddish can kill them. They realize, after re-reviewing the diary and other documents, that the Hitler relatives killed in the attack, had no idea to whom they were related. They were innocents. They decide, because of their unique position, only they can save the remaining members and hide them from both the Nazis and Kaddish. The climax occurs in 1995 and the denouement in 1996.
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