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Writing Assignment
May 10, 2019
Charlie Labuz
Fiction: New Adult
Writing Assignment is the first entry in a series of novels exploring the fictional world of the Worthwhile. Each novel is a journey of self-discovery, but as Kerouac wrote in On the Road, “I have nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.” Writing Assignment begins as a straightforward memoir recounting Charlie's, the protagonist, experience as a teacher and working through the depression that pushed him towards suicide. It is definitively not the memoir of a depressed middle-class, white American, though. The memoir genre is subverted through the introduction of the fantastical world of the Worthwhile and a refusal to offer clear answers to the reader. The red sands of the Worthwhile defy cartographical attempts at pinning it down, creating a disorienting effect and a sense of uncertainty, but also serving to bring the magical world to life. The land seems to dictate the destination of those who traverse it, more than the travelers do themselves. This frustrates and amazes Charlie, who stumbled drunkenly into the Worthwhile while camping in the forest and is unable to find his way out. After interacting with a host of vibrant characters - most notably the creator of the world itself - Charlie finds returns to his familiar reality. No obvious changes have occurred, but he has grown through his adventure. While his journey there has ended, his mental health journey is a lifelong one. Charlie left the Worthwhile and the readers of the novel with a number of questions unanswered about its inhabitants and the nature of the place itself. This offers space for subsequent novels fleshing out the Worthwhile. The series is a Journey that the author is still on and that the reader is invited to embark on. So, come along, you will be amazed at what you find.
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