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Bilge Rat - Pirate Adventurer, Book Three; Demon Pirate
May 8, 2019
Kevin Charles Smith
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Award Winning YA/Crossover Series deemed "A Seaworthy Series" (Publishers Weekly - Sept Author Spotlight) breaks all the myths about Pirates in a series that will endure the test of time. Pirates do not make people walk the plank (that's why they have swords), they don't walk around with parrots on their shoulder (very messy) and they definitely don't bury treasure (they splurge)! Hollywood Reporter says "Cleverly described as Mutiny on The Bounty meets Pirates of The Caribbean with an Oliver Twist. www.piratetales.info
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Film/TV/Foreign Translation (www.piratetales.info)
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US Rights to Journey Publications, LLP Video Game Rights to Inverse Paradox,Inc.
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review copies available upon request
Book Four to release Sept 19, 2020 (International Talk Like A Pirate Day)
Mark Miller
Mark B Miller, Management
phone: 267-988-4226
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