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Greater Walls
May 2, 2019
Sulayman Qazi
Fiction: General/Other
After the United States fell into partisan disarray, two authoritarian governments emerge amidst the ruin. Christine finds herself as a war prisoner in a facility that wipes the memories of every captive who committed an offense against the state. Doctors test unreleased drugs on subjects in the hopes of having a comparative advantage over the opposing country. Christine and her unruly friend manage to escape from the facility, and they follow a cookie-trail of memories while making friends and enemies along the journey. As Christine attempts to escape the eye of the state, her reemerging memories tell a different story of who she is, and she struggles to digest her haunting past.
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Word count: 78,000

Web page: https://www.publishersmarketplace.com/members/sulaymanqazi/
Sulayman Qazi
phone: 2244258474
443 Irvine Ct., Wheeling, IL 60090
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