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Prime Directive: Earth
May 2, 2019
John Selby Wait
Digital: Young Adult
What if Star Trek’s famous Prime Directive is reversed, where Earth is in danger and an alien race is being forbidden to help?
The Zanchee, who have been studying Earth, learn a terrorist is going to set off a nuclear bomb near LA, with catastrophic results. Yet their laws prohibit them from intervening. Axel, the teenage son of the Zanchee leader, is unwilling to accept the inevitability of this disaster. He discovers that the Zanchee law has a blind spot: it only applies to adults. As he has yet to undergo the rites of adulthood, he decides to exploit this loophole. With his mentiot companion, Chermal, Axel hatches a plan to skirt Zanchee law and save humanity. He just needs to mimic his future self, steal the fleet's time-warp ship, recruit a human teenager with psychic potential, and stop a terrorist plot without knowing who is involved, and do it all in three days without being caught by human authorities or Zanchee.
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I have posted the book on Wattpad to get feedback. It has received excellent reviews. To see the entire book click here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/184646784-prime-directive-earth
John Wait
phone: 4693378856
6544 Mink Drive, Midland, GA 31820
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