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The Passionate Jihadist
Apr. 24, 2019
Curt Rude
Fiction: General/Other
Humanity, at times, causes even children to endure the unimaginable. Parents in America admonish children to look before crossing streets; Afghan parents must warn sons and daughters to avoid landmines and booby traps. Countless obstacles lurk everywhere to deny offspring adulthood. Those who come-of-age in such an environment are never left unscathed by carnage.
Yushua, gets involved in the business of selling heroin to Americans, a tricky business involving many players: insurgents, warlords and soldiers. Everything is working out well until an American soldier, using his military advantage, double-crosses his suppliers. Yushua heeds his call to honor. He must make the soldier repay a debt … in the currency of blood.
Emotions drawn to an extreme level motivate Yushua to follow his target to America. His resolve is strong before he meets her. Will love end his lust for revenge?
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The Passionate Jihadist won the Inks & Insights 2017 Master Class Award.
Curt also won the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition 2017 Ethel Rohan Excerpt Category.
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