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God meets Goddess
Apr. 24, 2019
Terry White
Fiction: General/Other
A brutal army conquers the Verdure Steppe in the name of God, until they run out of enemies and patience. Goddess-worshipping seafarers from the Crescent Isles off the coast are running out of tribute to hold them back. A tidal wave hits both races like a divine warning, and casts three unlikely saviors into the net of the mystic teacher Jagathe. To avert direr catastrophe these would-be heroes of the mortal world must face the divine world where God Meets Goddess.

Jagathe bestows on them the power of divine desire, offers them supernal abilities, and charges them with impossible tasks. What chance has the pleasure slave Corovayas to suppress the Caballary warriors and defend the successors in the Verdure Steppe? Can the humble gaoler Freoman reform the corrupted Scryer sect and repair the damage of their false prescience? Must the maiden Syrameda, daughter of the rulers of the Crescent Isles, denounce her father’s treacherous pact with the brigand Pelaguards and face them alone? God and Goddess promise renewal when the destruction cycle ends, but only these three can assure that mortals will be around to enjoy it.
Mia Tyler
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