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Heart of the Bison: Neandertals (Book One)
Apr. 24, 2019
Glen Stott
Fiction: General/Other
Heart of the Bison is from a time when Neandertals, who had lived in ice age Europe over two hundred thousand years were on the verge of extinction. Over forty thousand years before, the Cro-Magnons had migrated into Europe from Africa. Their technology was highly advanced compared to the Neandertals. As the Cro-Magnon population grew, their advanced technology gave them a strong advantage in the environment of scarcity that their presence created. In one clan, a young Neandertal female named Kec receives a dream from Mother Earth telling her she would be called upon to save her clan. A magic baby would be provided to help her. At the same time, a powerful Cro-Magnon shaman receives a dream from the Great Spirit warning of danger that would bring death and destruction from beings living in caves

In receiving her calling, Kec’s name is changed to Kectu, a special female called by Mother Earth to bring life to future generations. Kectu’s dedication to the calling will drive her life through unimaginable paths. She will lose her heart's love, her family, her clan. She will travel through a wilderness facing starvation, a cave lion armed with only an animal skin, and a biblical flood. Ultimately, she will have to confront Strong Branch, the powerful aurochs man of the Cro-Magnons.

The legend of Kectu and the Spirit Fire she helped create will last for over 25,000 years until Mother Earth’s promise to Kectu and her clan leads the battle in the final book of the trilogy against a modern version of Strong Branch’s ancient dream of global violence and destruction.

If you like a strong female character who overcomes impressive obstacles, you should get to know Kectu.
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