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The Art of Marketing Jesus
May 3, 2019
Robert Wachter
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
Does Jesus and the Christian church really relate to life in the 21st century? Where does Christianity fit with modern living and our hectic lives?

The power of the Gospel and teachings of Jesus are more than 2,000 years old and have never been more relevant than they are today, but often the true meaning of what Jesus wanted us to understand is lost amidst the chaos of modern living and a misrepresentation of the Good News, leading to an erosion of its powerful message.

In this book, The Art of Marketing Jesus, Chief Marketing Officer and Pastor, Rob Wachter, uses all of his experience across two very different dimensions to put a fresh slant on the Gospel of Grace and how it changes everything on this side of the cross, with chapters that examine:

  • New Covenant brand promise

  • The Gospel brand story

  • Grace-empowered discipleship

  • God's divine process for ministry

  • Attraction marketing

  • Jesus as a marketer

  • And more...

Jesus was, in fact, a brilliant marketing tactician who developed a brand that attracted billions through a new and irresistible way of relating to God that still resonates to this day.

The Art of Marketing Jesus shows how he accurately defined his brand and then articulated it with a clarity that remains, if we take the time to seek it out.


To literary agents who are actively seeking books within the religious and spiritual genres, I am pleased to introduce my non-fiction Christian book, The Art of Marketing Jesus, which is scheduled for completion at 40,000 words.

The Art of Marketing Jesus takes the methodologies that are so important in business and applies them to the Gospel. The essence of the New Covenant is often misrepresented in the way we think, communicate and conduct ministry. This book cuts through the noise and clutter to clearly define the Gospel "brand" using proven marketing methodologies.

Each chapter presents a different aspect of marketing and offers case studies from actual name-brand successes to underscore their importance. Readers will understand the dangers of legalism and how Old Covenant ideas still creep into our thinking. The aim is for people to see Jesus more clearly and reflect him more accurately.

With a clear demand for books within this genre, I believe that it will appeal to a wide range of readers, including the faithful, curious and the spiritually hungry, who will readily relate to a new way of understanding life and ministry on this side of the cross—seen from a completely different perspective.

I am the chief marketing officer for a large real estate company which sees $6 billion in annual sales. I am also the lead pastor of a growing church. This bi-vocational experience offers unique insights into the parallels between business and faith. The Art of Marketing Jesus is my first book.
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I am a seasoned marketing executive, public speaker and lead pastor in a Black Diamond, Washington house of worship. I’ve gained valuable marketing and ministry experience as a bi-vocational professional, offering unique insight into the parallels between business and faith. I am also the chief marketing officer for a leading U.S. real estate company with over thirty offices and six billion in annual sales.

I first came to know God's incredible love as a little boy after living in a foster home and being adopted at the age of three. One night, while thanking God for placing me with a loving family, the Holy Spirit touched me in a way that changed my life forever.

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